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Gas or Oil Fired Water Tube Hot Water Boiler

Gas or Oil Fired Water Tube Hot Water Boiler


The structure is Double drum, vertical and D-shaped. Water, steam or steam-water mixture flows in the tube, flame and exhaust air are burned and flowed outside the tube. It has very fast steam-water velocity and excellent water circulation system. The heat absorption rate and thermal efficiency of the boiler are greatly improved.

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Sufficient outlet

In the overall design, the layout of boiler heating surface is reasonable, the technical parameters are selected appropriately, the heat transfer area is sufficient, it has a certain overload capacity, and can meet the temporary high-load operation.

Efficient heat transfer

Exhaust air and medium are arranged reversely, with large average temperature difference and good heat transfer; furnace volume is selected reasonably to ensure full combustion of fuel; insulation material is aluminium silicate felt and superfine glass wool, total thickness is more than 200 mm, and the air inter-layer is between the two insulation layers minimizing the heat loss of the boiler, and the thermal efficiency is greatly improved. It will save fuel cost too much.

Good water circulation

Boiler heating surface adopts natural circulation mode, the flow rate of each process is selected according to the upper limit of the recommended value of the standard, so as to ensure that the heating surface will not have superheated boiling causing pipe explosion or water hammer, prevent oxygen corrosion and impurity precipitation in water, and avoid the damage accident of boiler heating surface.

Smale and air Leakage elimination

Boiler wall is a membrane wall structure, which is tightly sealed and has a certain pressure bearing capacity. It will not leak smoke and air when it operates under the condition of micro-positive pressure combustion.

Easy, convenient installation and maintenance

The boiler is designed as a whole. While meeting the requirements of transportation, the installation period is greatly shortened. At the same time, bolt connection is used between the outsourcing and the skeleton. It is easy to disassemble, and convenient for maintenance and inspection in future.

Strong capability of power failure

The boiler is equipped with two drums with diameter φ900/φ700 and two headers with diameter φ159. The boiler is fueled by gas (oil). The heat storage in the furnace is very small, the vaporization rate of water after power failure is low, and the operation of power failure protection is very simple.

Green environmental protec

Using the design idea of waste heat recovery by step, a condenser is installed at the tail of the main body of the boiler, which reduces the exhaust air temperature (< 100℃) and improves the efficiency of the boiler, at the same time, reduces the harmful components in the exhaust air.

Save energy

The high-frequency welding spiral finned tubes with high efficiency and low resistance are used to replace the traditional smooth tubes, which greatly increases the heat transfer area, reduces the system resistance at the exhaust air side, it has higher heat transfer efficiency, faster heat transfer speed, more full use of fuel and obvious energy saving effect.

Core Technology

Water Mounted Wall

We have a complete set of domestic advanced water production line, which is fully automated. Only inputting the drawing information, the equipment will automatically process the water mounted wall.

Big Size Corrugated Furnace

Our engineers developed the furnace bigger after thousand of experiments, which brings more efficient burning and the better way to save fuel. Besides, according to R & D data, we find that it can reduce harm to the boiler body.

PLC Full-Intelligent Control System

Fully self-developed PLC system is easy to operate. To better serve global users, we make the system full English language interface. Simple and humanized operation system is our design philosophy when dealing with our boiler.